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Broken Pipe Films was created in 2001 as the first live action film work from Machinima creators James Hamer-Morton and Hugh Macdonald. An independant production company, Broken Pipe Films has provided video for various TV networks, theatrical performances, charities and even the University of the West of England.

James Hamer-Morton is a professional actor, currently contracted with Disney. He has written/directed productions shown on Sky and Channel 4 and supplied footage to GMTV and Endemol.

Hugh Macdonald has been working professionaly in the visual effects side of the film industry since 2003, and has worked on various films including Slumdog Millionaire and The Golden Compass. He was VFX Co-Supervisor on the recent British Horror/Comedy film "Tormented".Hugh also spends parts of his spare time working on short films as Director of Photography, and photographing bands and plays.

Emma Kendrick has numerous theatrical credits and film/tv acting credits working with James Hamer-Morton, and has worked as an Assistant Director and Stage Manager in Bristol. More recently she has been the producer on most of Broken Pipe Films' productions.
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