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Hi [insert name here]. Well, you've found us. Either by wild luck or clever Googling you've turned up at Broken Pipe Films' new simple, no, streamlined website. I think creme suits us.

What can you hope to find here? Well, since you've started at the Films site, you're probably looking for what we've made. Most recently you could check out the pilot of our sitcom, Treading The Boards. Yes, we've provided content for various TV networks, but we're also 'into' making shorter, no budget, indie fun projects which normally end up on YouTube. Just because we can, and no-one can tell us that it's not marketable, there's nowhere currently in the schedule for it or there aren't enough naked people.

Want to let us know how great you thought our latest show was? Fire off an email. Feel so passionately that something you've seen of ours 'sucks' that you've come here to hunt down our email addresses? Well, we'll probably read that too, but at least tell us why rather than misspelling some unintelligable profanity with caps lock.

If you're more interested in who the people behind the projects are, you can find a little about us on this very site.

You might not even realise, but we're not limited to video production. In fact, we run a little Murder Mystery evening business through our Broken Pipe Theatre sub-site, and Hugh even photographs bands, theatre and other interesting subjects (nothing naughty though).

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